Who is Tim?

Tim (I) am a curious cartographer! I found my passion for geography in my second year as an undergraduate when studying abroad at Wageningen University. Luckily, my home university (UW-Madison) has one of the best geography/cartography programs in the country, so I found my home quickly when I returned to the states.

I got involved in a variety of ways at UW by working with the UW Seagrant, UW Cartography Lab, and geography department. I miss my family of cartographer friends from UW but am thrilled to be at Penn State to pursue a Master's then PhD. I plan to continue to research map-based visual storytelling at Penn State. I hope to work on projects that connect theory to practice as visual storytelling continues to grow across journalism and other disciplines You can learn more by checking out my Resume. Feel free to email me at tjprestby@gmail.com to get in touch.

In my free time I do a lot of biking, cooking, reading of fantasy books, and building my own LEGO creations. I also love to travel outside of the United States. I have learned so much from studying abroad in Nicaragua, Denmark, and the Netherlands.